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What We Do

ACE Copywriting and Editing:
much more than our name suggests

It’s a common dilemma.  You have something you want to say — about yourself, your organization or an issue close to your heart.  You’re a capable, intelligent person, but writing isn’t your thing. Or maybe you just don’t know how to go about getting the word out. Maybe you just don’t have time for a project, so you’re looking for someone you can trust to take it on and do it right.

Call ACE Copywriting and Editing.  We can handle a variety of projects. 

  • News releases — We can write a release for you and/or just edit the news release you’ve drafted.  We can also take care of distributing it to media outlets across the state.
  • Company or agency newsletters  — ACE can write the stories you want in your newsletter, edit them, take the photos you need and put it all together in an attractive, easy-to-read newsletter.
  • Resumes and business letters — When you want to make an impression, it’s important that your writing is clear and concise, your grammar is correct and your punctuation above reproach.  Simple grammatical errors can destroy a person’s credibility.
  • Public service announcements or ads for radio or voiceovers for video. Click here to learn about all the various audio projects ACE can complete for you
  • Copy editing — If your newspaper or magazine is short on copy desk staff, we can provide copy editing services on a freelance basis.
  • Website copy — How many times is a doctor’s or lawyer’s practice passed over because of common errors on his website text?  ACE will ensure that visitors don’t dismiss you just because you’re comma challenged.
  • Advertising copy or  promotional copy — We compose sparkling prose for promotional brochures and newspaper special editions.
  • Workshops for newspaper staffs or public relations professionals on topics such as interviewing skills, writing guidelines and grammar tips.
  • Photographs of your choice of subjects for company newsletters, special publications or websites

Anything along these lines that you can imagine, ACE can do.
(We can even provide a musical duo at your next party.)


We give free estimates,
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What Our Clients Say

“Due to a couple of unforeseen departures, we were left short-staffed going into the county fair season. In relatively little time, ACE was able to remotely generate content for our publications at a level of quality superior to anything we could have generated locally on short notice. Their service provided us with the time necessary to thoroughly vet and interview multiple candidates for our open reporter positions, leading to one of our best hires in years.
ACE provided three to four stories a week, all with multiple sources that were 100 percent local and relevant to our readership. ACE saved our month. I won’t hesitate to use them again.”


Jesse Mullen, publisher, Statesman-Examiner, Colville, Wash.