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Who We Are

We are knights in the Order of Proper Language,
defending the kingdom against the onslaught of poor grammar;


We are the wielders of the red pens of destiny, turning normal prose
into shining examples of pure writing and beauty for the world to behold.


We are Jim and Mary Angell: writers, editors and experienced reporters who know what works — and more importantly, what doesn’t — in the world of the written word.


Between us, we have more than 50 years of experience
and as ACE, we’ll put that experience to work for you.

Jim spent 20 years working as a reporter, including
14 years as a front-line editor with The Associated Press,
where he  wrote and edited print and broadcast stories on
tight deadlines. Having worked with members of the
Wyoming media for almost 30 years, Jim knows what
it takes to get media exposure — or to get an idea noticed.

Mary is a stickler for organized writing and proper
grammar and punctuation — a result of her background as
an English teacher. As an editor for the Wyoming  Eagle, she
learned firsthand which releases editors use on deadline and
which ones get tossed. Mary has been a freelance writer for
many years, writing promotional copy, news stories, features and profiles.

Between the two of us, you get it all:

Tight, organized writing;

Editing to make ideas easy to grasp and understand;

Quick turnaround times;

Contacts with the media;

Knowledge of how the media works


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What Our Clients Say

“I am pleased to recommend Jim and Mary for any writing or editing project for the following reasons:
* True professionals
* Meet and beat deadlines
* Meticulous research
* Flexible
* Excellent editing and writing skills
* Years of experience in managing projects
* Creative with great ideas and feedback
Working with Jim and Mary is very easy.  I can depend on them to take a project from start to finish. I’ve worked with them on two publications, both of which were custom, sponsored content magazines. They met with the client, asked great questions, put together a story board, communicated with the customer and wrote spot-on stories.”


Sandy Powell, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships,  BizWest Media